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The Power of Multi-Frequency Healing

Redefining the Art of Healing

Chi. Energy. Prana. Ki. Shakti.

Healing energy has lots of names, but whatever you call it, it is the life force that permeates our being, that nourishes our body and uplifts our spirit. It is also the energy that soothes and balances our emotions, that supports us when life gets challenging, that inspires us to become the brightest version of ourselves that we can be. It gives us the clarity to live 'on purpose', the energy to follow our intuition, and the zest to enjoy life to the fullest.

healing body and mind

Due to the incredible power of chi, it is not surprising that healing systems have evolved worldwide that teach us to connect to and channel it. Almost all of them work well, and they consistently have success dealing with physical and emotional issues – even in instances where traditional Western medicine struggles.

This might seem surprising at first glance, but it actually makes a lot of sense. If most issues (physical/emotional) have a mind-body connection, then simply removing, say, a tumor, or giving someone a drug, will rarely fix the root cause of the condition.

a holistic approach

As such, the issue will frequently return or manifest in other negative forms. This is one reason alternative (‘complementary’) healing methods have grown in popularity in recent years, because they treat the WHOLE person, not just the symptom. When done well, they help to heal a person on physical, emotional and mental levels simultaneously – something that produces deep, ‘multi-layered’ healing.

As a result, complementary healing methods often fix the root cause of an issue, something that not only facilitates a return to good health, but also profoundly impacts an individual’s overall wellbeing and happiness.

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How Energy Healing Works and its challenges

When traditional Western medicine proclaims that there is ‘no cure’ for a particular issue, all this actually means is that using their techniques and tools, they don’t have a cure! If you look at things logically, every emotional and physical issue is ultimately the result of an energetic imbalance (everything, at its core, is energy, after all). But if the problem is caused by an energetic imbalance, then the cure is simply to balance the energy.

This is not necessarily a simple task, but it should – logically speaking – always be possible. Take the human body’s organs, for example. When they are healthy and functioning well, they vibrate in a certain energy frequency range. When they become unhealthy, however, they begin to vibrate outside of this range.

So to restore health, what is needed is to get them functioning back within their healthy vibrational range once more. This, fundamentally, is what healing modalities (like Reiki, Pellowah, etc.) do. They use chi to help the body rebalance itself. This can work in one of two ways:

1: Energetic Balancing

The Reiki/Pellowah/etc.frequency acts as a balancing force to help draw the body/organ/energy body into healthy alignment, and as a result, create good health (be it mental, emotional, or physical).

2: Energetic Fuel

The Reiki/Pellowah/etc. energy enters our body and then helps it to heal itself. In this case, the energy doesn’t so much draw things energetically into alignment, but rather fuels the body with extra energy so that it can more easily rebalance itself.

The thing to note is that almost all energy modalities you learn are what we call ‘single-frequency’ modalities. In other words, you learn to tap into a single healing frequency (like the one for, say, Reiki) and then you use this frequency exclusively for your healing.

Of course, these modalities do have what you might see as ‘booster packs’ in the form of symbols and, sometimes, mantras that help expand the range of frequencies a particular healing modality can access. But the basic energy you tap into is ultimately still a single frequency.

As good as this is, it does, therefore, mean that the healing done with these modalities might not be the best energetic fit. Take energy balancing, for instance (see point 1 above). For this to work well, you need to have what you might see as an ‘energetic counterweight’. If someone's upper chakra energies are out of balance, for instance, you will typically want to ground them with some lower chakra energy.

If someone is stuck in lower chakric energy, you will want to raise their vibe with upper chakric energy. That is why psychics talk so much about ‘grounding’. They need it for energetic balance.

The potential issue here, however, is that if you only have one frequency to play with, then it is one size fits all – even if the energy isn’t the appropriate energetic ‘counterweight’. Thanks to point 2 above, our bodies can nevertheless still process the Reiki/Pellowah energy etc. to rebalance itself, but this may require more work if they have to ‘transform’ the energy received into a more balancing frequency.

For instance, our body will need to do a lot of energetic processing if it takes, say, a high-vibrational energy, and then transforms it into a lower-vibrational energy to ground itself. As a result, the process can be a bit ‘clunky’ and isn’t always successful.

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15 Intriguing Reasons You Should learn
Chi Activation

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The Power of Multi-Frequency Modalities

Where Chi Activation differs from almost every other healing modality is that it is a multi-frequency modality.

This means that after learning it, you can immediately tap into a wide range of healing frequencies (even after Level 1).

So if you need a grounding energy for vibrational balancing, you have it. But if you need to access a high-vibrational frequency, you’ll have that too. This makes it much more versatile and – at least as far as the hands-on/hands-off healing is concerned – generally more effective.

This is the case because it grants you greater access to the appropriate energetic ‘counterweight’. What’s more, even if you have only completed Chi Activation Level 1 (which teaches you to tap into three healing frequencies), the frequency you pick – even if not the exact energetic counterweight – will nevertheless be close to it, making it far easier for your body to process the healing energy and balance itself.

Of course, in Level 2, you learn to tap into many more frequencies, until in the Master Level, you discover how to access a near-infinite range of frequencies, so the healing task then becomes easier (and more precise) still.

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Why Chi Activation Works
with Other Modalities

As potent and effective as Chi Activation is, it does not replace other modalities. Naturally, you’ll get on just fine if it is the only modality you ever learn (in fact, you’ll get on better than fine!), but if you have already learned other modalities, you’ll discover they work well with Chi Activation.

Why? Because most healing systems teach a lot besides hands-on/hands-off healing. So learning to access different healing frequencies is only a part of what they do. Take Reiki, for instance. It has five major pillars (meditation, Reiki precepts, Reiki attunements, hands-on/hands-off healing, symbols and mantras). So the ‘healing with the hands’ component is only a small part of what it teaches. In that sense, it is a bit like a Swiss Army knife. It has many tools and is a brilliant all-round healing/spiritual/meditation system.

Naturally, Chi Activation teaches more than just connecting to energy frequencies (it is particularly strong on meditation), but tapping into different 'flavours' of chi is where it truly excels. It teaches you to access a vast range of frequencies, something that will dramatically expand the potential of your healing work.

In that sense, it is a healing method for ‘chi connoisseurs’. It is a method for anyone who hates limits, for anyone who knows intuitively that we all possess infinite healing potential.

So if you want to journey deeper into the wonderful world of chi, if you want to access more of your innate healing ability, you’ll love Chi Activation.

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chi activation
Level 1

Chi Activation is an advanced healing method that is ideal both for healing newbies and experienced energy workers who want to take their healing to new levels.

Learn to channel multiple energy frequencies, stay energetically safe and grounded at all times, as well as tap into the energies of the Earth and Soul Star chakras.


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Level 2

Learn the art of 'vibrational balancing'.

Tap into many more energy frequencies. Smash through unnecessary healing limitations.

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June 3-5 (2023)


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