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How It Works

Why Chi Activation?

There is a popular theory going around that all energy is really the same. The idea, presumably, is to be inclusive and non-judgemental – to not offend anyone.

Or maybe it is connected to the popular idea that all spiritual traditions simply point back to the same place (God, Source, call it what you will) and so are really, on a fundamental level, the same.

There is truth and good intentions behind all of this, but to say that all energy is the same is nevertheless laughable. That’s like saying that all humans are the same.

Yes, we may biologically be near identical. Our intrinsic worth may be the same. But even so, how we express ourselves on a daily basis is vastly different:

The introvert is different from the extrovert. The uptight Oxford professor is different from the karaoke-loving, Latin dancer. The macho, in-your-face, alpha male is different from the timid, energetically sensitive, heart-chakra-centric feminine type. This isn’t a value judgement. It’s just pointing out a fact:

Everyone is different – and so too is energy.

You have solid, grounding vibrations.

You have light, airy vibrations. You have exhilarating vibrations, calming vibrations and everything in between (and beyond!).

And that is why it is useful to learn more than one healing modality because each modality helps you connect to different energies.

Think of it like speaking an ‘energy’ language. Learn another modality and you learn to speak another one, and as a result, successfully ‘communicate’ and heal more people/issues/conditions.

the problem with traditional
Healing methods

When we look at things in this light, the limitations of traditional healing modalities become clear: since almost all of them are ‘single-frequency’ modalities, then they only speak one ‘energy’ language. As such, they may be of little use – or no use at all – when dealing with many conditions.
For instance, imagine that you have a friend or a client who desperately needs grounding. If you practise a ‘high-vibrational’ healing modality, it is unlikely to help. They are already connecting to high-vibrational energy. What they need is the reverse: a more grounding type of energy that can energetically balance them.
Or take the reverse, you have someone who is energetically heavy and sluggish, someone who is unable to connect to their Higher Self, to Source.
If you only practise an energetically grounding healing modality, it probably won’t help. You need the reverse. You need something to energetically uplift them, to connect them to their higher energy centres.
And that is why Jeremy O’Carroll created Chi Activation: As a ‘multi-frequency’ modality, it will help you connect to a vast range of healing energies, from low-vibe to high-vibe, from grounding to uplifting.
This will dramatically increase the amount of issues you can successfully work on.


For Connoisseurs of Chi

Chi Activation is for anyone who loves chi. It is for anyone who hates limitations and wants to dive deep into the unlimited world of energy frequencies. Because it ultimately teaches you to connect to unlimited healing frequencies, your healing growth will never plateau. You will never find yourself growing bored or doing the same treatment time and time again.

No, you will learn how to tune into the exact healing frequency you need for optimal results – something that will naturally vary from person to person. As a result, things will always stay fresh and fun.

The more you learn and practise Chi Activation, the more you’ll get to explore a never-ending energy wonderland full of creativity and surprises.

If this sounds hard, if it sounds like it is beyond you, then don’t worry. Chi Activation works by leveraging the natural abilities of the human body.

All bodies are equipped to connect to energy. All bodies can tap into an infinite amount of healing frequencies. So you don’t need to be special. You don’t need a psychic to tell you that you are a ‘healer’ (although it is always nicely affirming when they do!). You simply need to be YOU.

You have the ‘machinery’ (like a radio) to tune into thousands and thousands of frequencies, it is just a question of learning how to do it. And this is what Chi Activation will teach you to do.

Systematic Learning
for Concrete Results

Chi Activation has three levels. Each level takes you deeper into the wonderful world of energy. Each level teaches you to connect to more and more frequencies.

In Level 1, you learn to tap into three powerful types of energy – each type connected to a chakra. Where things get even more interesting is that two of the chakras – the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra – are not found in your physical body, but rather in your auric field.

What this means is that you end up with a far greater range of healing energy to play with. You have the super-grounding energy of the Earth Star Chakra, and ultra-fine high-vibrational energy of the Soul Star Chakra.

Combine these with the energy of the heart chakras, and it means you will be able to access a vast spread of healing energy – something that will dramatically improve your chances of finding an energy that can help with whatever issue you are dealing with. As impressive as this is (and it is basically three times the healing range of regular single-frequency healing modalities), Level 2 really amps things up.

Here, you learn to tap into three more chakra healing frequencies as well as discover advanced techniques for more potent energy work.

Then, in the final level – the Chi Activation Master Level – we take things further still. Here, you are given the universal ‘key’ that opens all doors. As a result, you can now practice ‘vibrational balancing’. This allows you to find the optimal energy frequency for whatever issue you are confronted with.

Since every negative condition (both physical and emotional) is the result of an energetic imbalance, if you find the counter-balance, the ideal, balancing frequency, then you can bring the body, emotions and spirit back into a state of harmony and wellbeing.

After that, you learn to go beyond healing with the hands to ‘whole body’ healing. By using your entire body as an energy channeling machine, you can generate a lot more energy than with the hands alone and thus perform more powerful healing.

In the Master Level, you will also learn to use your mind for complex and powerful healing – something that will add immense depth to the work you do. Finally, in the Master Level, you will learn how to teach others Chi Activation.

the versatility of
chi activation

One of the great things about Chi Activation is its versatility.

You can use it to heal yourself.

You can use it to heal others.

You can use it to heal animals.

You can use it to heal plants.

You can even use it to clear and charge spaces, like your home, bedroom, or office. So from the moment you learn it, you’ll be able to use it every day in supremely practical ways.

Better still, the energy will even flow in noisy or unsettled environments (like when your kids are fighting, your husband is watching the footy and shouting at the screen, and your neighbours are having a techno party).

Heck, you can even channel Chi Activation energy while you are talking, watching the TV, or doing all sorts of other things.

This might not be as rich a meditative experience as when you are sitting in your room alone in silence. But the energy will still flow – and flow strongly!

who is chi activation for?
"Powerful things – when taught well – are often surprisingly simple."

Chi Activation is brilliant for experienced healers and healing beginners alike. Jeremy first created it after practising meditation and healing for almost 25 years, and it enabled him to go far deeper into his healing work than ever before.

That said, because everyone is naturally equipped to do energy work, and because Chi Activation uses ‘activations’ to enable students to immediately tune into healing frequencies, it is also great for healing beginners.

So if you are starting out on your healing journey or looking to go beyond the limits of your current healing modality, and if you are looking for a healing system with the potential for unlimited growth, then you’ll love Chi Activation.

When it comes to connecting to chi energy for hands-on/hands-off healing, it is the most complete system available, and is perfect for anyone who wants to better nurture and heal themselves, their family, their friends, and quite possibly even strangers. With three levels, you can even go on to teach and work as a Chi Activation healer.

To find out more about each level and what they can do for you, visit the Level 1 course homepage or contact Jeremy: Level 1 Course Contact us

Praise for Our Chi
Activation Courses

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chi activation
Level 1

Chi Activation is an advanced healing method that is ideal both for healing newbies and experienced energy workers who want to take their healing to new levels.
Learn to channel multiple energy frequencies, stay energetically safe and grounded at all times, as well tap into the energies of the Earth and Soul Star chakras.


chi activation
Level 2

Learn the art of 'vibrational balancing'.
Tap into unlimited energy frequencies. Smash through unnecessary healing limitations.
Develop your healing potential to new heights with Chi Activation Level 2.


chi activation
Master Class

June 3-5 (2023)


Take your healing to our highest level.