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About Us

The Story of the Chi Activation Centre

Napoleon Hill once wrote that “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”, and Jeremy O’Carroll, the founder of the Chi Activation Centre believes this to be true. In fact, the creation of the Chi Activation Centre is confirmation of this principle. Pre the COVID-19 crisis, Jeremy was content to manage and teach at the three healing centres he had founded (The Om Reiki Centre, The Om Meditation Centre and The Melbourne Pellowah Centre).
profile Founder Jeremy O`Carroll
However, when lockdown prevented him from holding in-person classes, and the Reiki and Pellowah associations forbade him from teaching online, he was left frustrated and temporarily uncertain how to give people the healing he knew they so badly needed during such a turbulent time. It was then that he got a nudge from the Universe to teach a method he had been privately practising for years – what he now calls Chi Activation.

More advanced than Reiki and Pellowah (when it comes to healing with the hands), he had started to play around with it at a time when he wanted to go beyond the limitations of single-frequency healing modalities (like Reiki and Pellowah).

He wanted to tap into multiple energy frequencies and, as a result, heal issues that more limited (and rigid) healing modalities couldn’t fix.

It took some time, but over a period of several years, he mastered simple methods for drawing a remarkable array of energies from Source, methods he is now teaching with Chi Activation.

In many ways, Chi Activation is the culmination of Jeremy’s 25+ years of healing and meditation practice. It is the logical extension of his desire to keep growing and evolving spiritually, of his determination to help everyone (including himself!) get more from their innate healing abilities.

Jeremy is blessed to have had the opportunity to study meditation and healing with many of the best teachers in the world (Frans Stiene, William Lee Rand, and Abbot Ajahn Suphan) and has travelled to over 25 countries (including Thailand, India, Nepal and the USA) in his quest to learn more about himself and healing.

All the while, he has continued to push himself to go deeper into his spiritual practice, something that has involved meditating daily in such places as deserts, forests, parks, mountaintops, monasteries, caves, meditation boxes, wardrobes, and the like! He now lives at his new 100-acre healing centre in Denver, Victoria (in between Woodend and Daylesford), where he continues to teach and inspire spiritual seekers and healers to get even more out of their innate abilities.

When he isn’t teaching healing, Jeremy also writes, and he is the author of Full Speed (an inspirational novel about having the courage to be true to yourself), the Amazon best-selling book, ‘The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Class’, and two additional novels: ‘The Slob’s Guide to the Perfect Job’ and ‘The Call of the Silver Cockatoo’ (the latter two to be released in 2022).

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