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Chi Activation


Mental Maps to take you deeper

Chi activation article of the week

how to avoid ´bad´karma with chi activation

Do you sometimes feel as if 'bad things' just constantly happen to you? Like you somehow magically attract them? In this article we will dive into what might be the cause of this and you can use Chi Activation to avoid further bad karma in your life.

Chi Activation for Empaths – The Healing Method You’ve Been Looking For!

If you’re an empath, you’re no doubt the kind of person who is sensitive, intuitive, and understanding. You’ll also feel deeply and love unconditionally. But your gift of sensitivity also comes with its challenges – challenges that Chi Activation can help with!

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learn more about chi activation and its benefits to your health and wellbeing

chi activation fundamentals

Discover what a Level 1 Chi Activation Course can do for you.

understanding chi activation

What is Chi Activation and how is it different from other traditional healing methods?

the power of meditation

Take your meditation to a new level with Chi Activation.

Praise for Our Chi
Activation Courses

The 3 levels of Chi Activation


chi activation
Level 1

Chi Activation is an advanced healing method that is ideal both for healing newbies and experienced energy workers who want to take their healing to new levels.
Learn to channel multiple energy frequencies, stay energetically safe and grounded at all times, as well tap into the energies of the Earth and Soul Star chakras.


chi activation
Level 2

Learn the art of 'vibrational balancing'.
Tap into unlimited energy frequencies. Smash through unnecessary healing limitations.
Develop your healing potential to new heights with Chi Activation Level 2.


chi activation
Master Class

May 5-7 (2023)


Take your healing to our highest level.