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What Our Students Say


“I think even as a self-healing tool, this is incredible and extremely beneficial for anybody wanting to live a balanced life.

“I was blown away with it all and so thankful to have been a part of it.”

- Ash Hansen

“I feel a lot calmer, less agitated. Loved it all. I think it could help everyone.”

- Tiffany Scott

“This has been an amazing course. I feel that activating the hand chakra was really helpful in my healing as was doing two chakras at the same time. When I give reiki, I now have started seeing energy waves rather than particles. ie the blanket moves. Can't really explain this.

“I loved the Quantum sanctuary, the soul star chakra activation and meditation. This is because I can actually feel such high energy vibration and I loved the practical use it has. I have found that the quantum sanctuary coupled with the clearing cellular blocks from the last course are two amazing tools that I practice daily and have noticed massive shifts. To me they really complement each other.

“I would recommend this course to others, I feel that it is really powerful. It is a great way of finding balance. I tend to concentrate a lot on my upper chakras. This has taught me how to ground. My reiki is definitely a lot stronger and I feel like my chakras are more balanced.”

- Sammy Noal

"This course is for people who are willing to unblock decades of stagnant energy and wish to start stepping into their true power. I'll start with the result: within two weeks of doing this course I attracted x2 $130k+ job offers (one was $160k + shares), stopped smoking cigarettes (12hours after the course actually. The desire to smoke literally left me - and I haven't touched it since nor felt the desire for it which is extraordinary for me) and I feel like I'm on the path that feels aligned to my purpose.
Now, the tough part: this course will clear and shift energy from your body, including any memories, traumas or feelings you've repressed because at the time they were too painful to face. (I also had aches in my body as the energy cleared the chakras in the days following this course.) For me they came through vivid dreams and nightmares as well as 'aha moments' of insight during the day.
I do recommend participants who've experienced trauma ensure they have a good support network around them in the weeks following the course because whatever was holding you back/ not serving you will be released. It's like doing 10 years of psychotherapy in a weekend.
The great news is that you'll emerge from it physically/emotionally lighter, with clarity and personal power and with so many serendipitous rewards from the universe!"

- Ariadne Zanella

“The quality of your guided meditations are exceptional. It was a very comprehensive course for those who wish to explore chi energy, meditation and visualisation!”

- Yuen Yu Sze

“The Chi Activation course met my expectations and more - I loved the practical nature of this healing and how the course was structured. Grateful for you for offering this teaching.”

“I found the meditations insightful...[and] really enjoyed attaining and activating the Earth Star. It was probably the most vivid to visualise and the density of the energy was profound.”

- Renee Cerantonio

I'm still looking forward to Reiki but the range of different healing frequencies (something I wasn't previously aware of) has been a revelation to both my self-healing and my clinical practice. That aspect really resonates with how I work and what I want to achieve for my clients. I also feel as though my intuition had expanded, which initially felt less clear but is starting to feel more complete.

As my first official exposure to energy healing I feel like it was a very clear and simple process with amazing support before and after class. It's very easy to learn, very easy to use and has integrated very well into what I'm already doing. Definitely recommended!

- Nathan Wilkinson

“I feel like this course took me to a whole new level of healing ability which I have never experienced previously.

“I enjoyed the Earth Soul chakra the most as it is so deeply relaxing and I have a lot of difficulty in relaxing fully in daily life.

“I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone, but particularly to people who have done other healing modalities such as Reiki, as I feel like it will enhance and deepen their healing abilities.

“The Chi Activation course exceeded my previous expectations by far. There were moments within it which I could only describe as earth shattering in an uplifting way of course! It blew my mind.”

- Nonie Kirkpatrick

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