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Should I learn Chi Activation if I have already learned other healing systems (like Reiki, Pellowah, Pranic Healing, etc.)?

Chi Activation will complement any other hands-on healing system you have already learned. Indeed, it will greatly extend it. Being a multi-healing frequency modality, it will ultimately (in Level 2) teach you to tap into an unlimited amount of healing frequencies.
So rather than rely on channeling a single energy frequency, you will be able to pick the perfect one for your needs. This will enable you to successfully treat a far wider range of conditions.

Will Chi Activation help my other spiritual practices (like meditation, yoga, etc.)?

Chi Activation – as the name suggests – is all about chi. By teaching you to connect to it in a powerful way, you’ll then enjoy the benefits of expanded chi flow in everything you do.

Meditating? Great. Now you’ll feel more chi flowing through your body. Practising yoga? Superb. Now the amount of chi you enjoy when practising your asanas will go to new levels.

What’s more, your energetic sensitivity will improve, as will your ability to discern subtle variations in chi frequencies.

How many levels does Chi Activation have?

Three. Level 1, Level 2 and the Chi Activation Master Level. Want to learn more about Chi Activation and courses?

How is Chi Activation different to other healing modalities?

Chi Activation specializes in chi. As a result, if you are interested in becoming the most proficient hands-on (or hands-off) healer you can become, Chi Activation is your system. Unlike most healing modalities that only teach you to connect with a single frequency (e.g. Reiki), Level 1 will teach you to connect to five hugely diverse healing frequencies. Level 2 will then teach you to tap into infinite energies from Source.

Most healing systems contain multiple elements, so Chi Activation is not trying to replace them, but when it comes to using your hands to channel energy, few, if any other systems, have as great a range and power as Chi Activation.

Do I have to wait between the three Chi Activation Levels?

Yes. Between Level 1 and Level 2, you need to wait a minimum of 21 days (this allows you to successfully go through the Level 1 post-course program). Between Level 2 and the Chi Activation Master Level, you need to wait a minimum of six months. This will give you time to practise all of the more advanced Level 2 techniques so you can get more from your Master Level.

Can I learn Chi Activation if I have never studied any other type of healing?

Yes. While Chi Activation teaches advanced healing techniques, they all leverage our natural ability (as humans) to channel chi. As a result, it is surprisingly simple to learn, even for those just starting out on their healing journey.

Do different kinds of chi really exist?

Yes. Different energy frequencies create different 'flavours' of chi. Energy frequencies can be scientifically measured, and you can see the effect they can have on material objects by studying cymatics (check out YouTube for this).

Of course, when you start practising Chi Activation, you’ll gain personal experience of the different types of chi, so you’ll know they exist, no matter what anyone says or writes.

Can I heal myself with Chi Activation?

Yes. You can easily work on yourself with multiple healing frequencies, depending on what your body needs. In our courses, you learn both to heal the chakras and work on your entire body intuitively.

Can I heal others with Chi Activation?

Of course. This is what makes Chi Activation so versatile and useful. It is just so easy to heal friends, family or whoever!

Can I heal animals with Chi Activation?

Yes again. It’s super easy to work on animals, and having more than one healing frequency to play with greatly improves the chances that you’ll have a frequency that pleases them.

Can I heal plants with Chi Activation?

Plants love Chi Activation, in particular, the Earth Star energy frequency. That said, each plant is unique, so always let your intuition guide you to the right healing frequency even if they tend to love the deep, grounding energy of the Earth Star chakra.

Can I heal/clear a space/home with Chi Activation?

Yes, if you want to clear negative energy or raise the vibe of your bedroom or home or bed or whatever, then you can easily do this with Chi Activation.

Is it safe to use Chi Activation?

Yes. Since you channel ‘universal’ energy, you’ll never get drained when you heal others. In fact, since the energy flows through you on the way to your ‘client’, healing others will actually energize you.
What’s more, you’ll never catch bad energy off anyone when giving them Chi Activation as the healing energy sets up a safe healing space.

Can Chi Activation help heal blocked chakras?

Yes. You can not only heal, strengthen and balance all of your chakras with the energy frequencies you channel with Chi Activation, there are also chakra activations for all of the chakras in your body + two more out in the auric field.

Chakra activations are a powerful process where you will connect more strongly to the energies of your chakras. In the process, it helps to balance and heal them.

I’m sensitive to energy and easily affected by negative energy. Will Chi Activation help?

Yes. By showing you how to connect more fully to your Earth Star chakra and base chakra, you’ll learn to strengthen your energetic ‘foundation’. As a result, you’ll grow far more adept at safely venturing into places with ‘busy’ or negative energy.

Chi Activation (Level 1) also teaches a technique for connecting to your energy body, and in the process, ‘protecting’ yourself from negative energy.

What are the benefits of Chi Activation?

Chi Activation is great for relaxation, clarity, emotional wellbeing and many other things the traditional Western medical community (and, sadly, a few quacks who falsely promise the world!) ensure we can’t legally mention. If you have ever worked with energy, however, you’ll have a sense of the kind of things we’re talking about!. To find out more about the benefits, visit the Chi Activation course homepages.

How long does it take to learn Chi Activation?

It takes two days to learn Level 1. After that, you’ll be able to channel energy to heal both yourself and others. Level 2 takes another two days, and the Master Level is held over three days. Learn more about Chi Activation Courses:

Is there really an aura machine at the Chi Activation courses?

Yes. At all in-person courses that Jeremy O’Carroll conducts, students will have a chance to get a free aura reading. Afterwards, we will then send out the multi-page report.

Where does Chi Activation come from?

Chi Activation was first taught by Jeremy O’Carroll in 2021. Having taught Reiki, Pellowah and meditation for 14 years full time, he was eventually nudged by ‘Universe’ to teach a healing modality he had been practising in private for several years – a modality that greatly extended the potential of his hands-on/hands-off healing.

Where is Jeremy O’Carroll from?

He is from Melbourne, Australia.

Why doesn’t Chi Activation have a fancier name?

Chi Activation describes what it does. You want to connect to chi? You want to activate your ability to connect to infinite chi frequencies? Good, then this is your method. A healing modality isn’t more spiritual because you give it a made-up name and say that it has been channelled directly from the goddess so-and-so.

The value of a healing system is what it can do, and Chi Activation doesn’t need a pretentious name to prove its worth.

Are Chi Activation courses fun?

Yep. Jeremy believes that we should take our spiritual practice seriously, but never get too serious. Healing work is meant to enhance our lives and make them more joyful. So Chi Activation courses are always fun and, quite often, full of laughter. They are also fun because the meditations and healing simply feel SO good!

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