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how to avoid ´bad´karma with chi activation

At some point in time, we all wonder why bad things happen.

You’re a model citizen. You’ve been kind to the neighbours. You buy biscuits off the Girl Scouts…and yet just when you need a bit of luck, you get sick, or you lose your job, or you break up with your boyfriend, or another equally unlucky event occurs.

So if there is karma in this universe, if there is a just and fair God, then something is going wrong! Today’s article puts forward a reason why bad things can happen to good people, and even if it doesn't attempt to make sense of all situations, it does provide a way to understand many seemingly unjust events (as well as give you tips for steering your life towards more ‘desired’ outcomes...)

Why Does Stuff Happen?

You’ve really only got two main alternatives:

1) Everything is random (in which case there is no point worrying because we can’t change anything).

2) The world we live in is ‘causal If everything has a cause, however, what is the cause? And we’re not just talking about the most obvious cause, but the root cause? The original cause.
The Gospel of John (1:1) says: "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god." In 1:14 it then says: "and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us…" ornamnet

Now I’m not a Christian, and I’m sure some people will take offence at my loose interpretation of scripture, but the ‘Word’ (or, for my purposes, words or thoughts) seems like a good place to start when looking for the causes of events.

Think about it: you have some thoughts (words in your head), and they prompt you to undertake an action that leads to a certain outcome.

You think about eating a hamburger, and you then figure out a way to earn some money so you can go to the take-away shop and buy one.

But words have power beyond this too. Words carry within them an energetic vibration that has the power to attract.

If you have ever seen the work Masaru Emoto has done with water crystals, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Emoto would stick a word on a glass of water, freeze the water and then photograph the water crystal inside it.
Depending on the word, the water crystal would change. A positive word would generally create a beautiful crystal. A negative word, an ugly or malformed one.

Similarly, if words carry within them an energetic vibration and like attracts like, then each word will become a kind of magnet that draws things (physical, mental and emotional) to it.

That’s why when you start thinking negative thoughts, more negative ones tend to follow and, if you keep thinking these negative thoughts, negative situations follow.

In a sense then, words are like magic spells, and they have the power to transmute themselves into ‘flesh’. That’s why I tell my daughter (and she tells me when I forget!), to never say something you don’t want to be true because it will attract that very thing.

The Power of Emotions

While thought can indeed become ‘flesh’, thoughts actually aren’t very strong without emotion. Emotion is what gives thoughts their oomph! It’s what gives thoughts the power to become ‘flesh’ in the physical world. Think about it: Every day we have lots of thoughts, but only a few of them cause us to act. Others have no traction, no pull.

They pass through our mind with barely a ripple. A thought coupled with emotion, however, is a powerful creature. It creates temples, great walls, revolutions. It forges nations, liberates peoples, puts men in space. It has been said that ‘emotion’ = e + motion (i.e. ‘energy in motion’). Thoughts give this energy in motion direction (or purpose), and together they can change the world.

How Thoughts Change Emotions

If we look deeper, we see that thoughts activate emotions. You think ‘annoyed’ thoughts about someone, and you soon find yourself more annoyed. You think loving thoughts about someone and you soon find yourself more in love. But emotions also activate thoughts (e.g. you’re annoyed, so you think an annoyed thought), so we often get a loop: thoughts feed emotions and emotions feed thoughts. In that way, the ‘good’ gets better and the ‘bad’ worse.

The ‘Attraction’ of Emotions

If we look deeper still, we see that emotions do more than just prod us into action. They also have the power to attract people, situations, things etc. to us. In a sense, emotions are the lingua franca of the universe. The universe doesn’t speak English or French or Chinese. No, it speaks Emotion. And since like attracts like, it will continue to send us more of what we send it.

Good emotions out. Good stuff in. Bad emotions out. Bad stuff in.

And that, again, is why the ‘rich’ (in a loose, metaphorical and inclusive sense) get richer and ‘poor’ get poorer.

The Power of Expectation

Thoughts and emotions working together create a kind of super spell: expectation. ‘Expectation’ is a bundle of thoughts and emotion that shoots out into the universe and draws to us anything of a similar vibration. Matthew 9:29 says, "According to your faith, be it done unto you" and ‘faith’ is in many ways synonymous with ‘expectation’. If you have faith something will happen, you expect it to happen, and this creates a powerful energetic force that draws this thing to you. The ‘placebo’ and ‘nocebo’ effects demonstrate this phenomenon.

You believe you have taken a healing medicine (really something like a sugar pill) and you get better. You believe a medicine (again, say, a sugar pill) will create negative side effects and it does. What the mind believes and expects tends to come true. That is why Christ, one of the most famous healers of all time, still couldn’t successfully heal many people in his hometown. The Nazarenes couldn’t believe in him and what he did and, because they didn’t ‘expect’ to be healed, they typically couldn’t.

The Need to Direct Expectations

If thoughts and emotions create expectations, and expectations are super spells that attract anything of a similar energetic vibration, then we would do well to monitor our thoughts and emotions and do whatever we can to change them where necessary.

Over the years, many methods have been devised to ‘upgrade’ our thoughts and emotions, and one is simply to learn to control our point of focus. As the saying goes, what you focus on grows, so it’s critical that we focus on things that will get us more of what we want.

Unfortunately, we often need to override ‘biological engineering’ to do this, because as humans – thanks to our survival instinct – we tend to be more easily drawn to focus on dangers than opportunities.

We will be more motivated to keep an eye out for the ‘tiger’ than the ‘flower’. That is why the so-called ‘news’ is typically the ‘bad news’.

Bad news has far greater powers of attraction for most people than good news. Therefore it sells better. The trick, then, is to rigorously focus on positive things. We must choose to focus on them even when a quick scan of the Internet would reveal hundreds of wars and famines across the world.

We must focus on what is going right in our life, not what is going wrong. Because the actual truth is that if you’re living in Australia today, the vast majority of your life is working. It’s just that it’s easy to focus on the things that aren’t.

As a result, they are magnified, you start to think and worry about them more (note: worry = negative emotions + thoughts), and before you know it, the universe is responding in kind and pinging back to you more and more things to worry about. So if you have a metaphorical white wall with five small black dots on it, focus on the white wall, not the dots!

The Power of Affirmations – Done Right!

Affirmations can be a great way to get us to focus on the right things, but rather than make these things better, a lot of the affirmations we use actually make them worse!

Why? Because emotions are a lot more powerful than words. As we said, emotions are the lingua franca of the universe, so if you say an affirmation like ‘I am slim and healthy’, but feel fat and miserable when you say it, then it is the misery – not the slimness and health – that gets broadcast out to the universe. It is the misery that gets pinged back to you!

So an affirmation will only work to the extent that it creates positive emotions (granted that you are looking for a positive outcome!).

For an affirmation to work, you need to feel the truth of it. You need to be buoyed by the truth of it! That is why you might need to ‘downsize’ your affirmation to something that doesn’t send a negative emotional spike through you each time you say it.

If saying you are ‘slim and healthy’ makes you feel fat and miserable, then you might need to alter it to something more general.

For instance, you might say, ‘Each day, I have the energy to get lots of things done.’ Since most likely you do get lots of things done each day, then this will ring true and make you feel good and, since having energy is close to physical wellbeing, you will attract more of that – something which, ultimately, should see you lose weight.

The idea of ‘going general’ is something that Abraham-Hicks talks about, so if you are interested in going deeper into this, then you might like to look up some of their YouTube videos.

Dissolving Negative Emotions

Since it’s ‘natural’ to focus on what we fear, one way to make it easier to focus on the right stuff is to remove the fear. In my meditation courses, we practise many techniques for dissolving negative energy within us. This is not the place to go into the methods, but a key idea you can practise right away is learning not to push away negative emotions. If it is true that what you resist persists, then we need to learn to stop resisting negative emotions.

There are many different meditation techniques that teach us to do this. The key to them is simply to learn to feel negative emotions without pushing them away or trying to change them.

If you can just observe them without doing anything, then they will tend to dissolve. And once they have dissolved, they will lose their ‘magnetic’ power. That will make it far easier for you to focus on positive things.

Using Chi Activation to Change Your Emotional State

If emotions are the lingua franca of the universe, then it is imperative that we learn to create emotions that serve us. Chi Activation is an amazing tool to this end. While you can never promise any specific healing outcome with Chi Activation, over the years I have noticed that it does tend to be consistently successful at changing emotional states. Pain of loss, anxiety, depression – these are all things that Chi Activation typically helps. So one way to keep your emotions positive is simply to give yourself Chi Activation every day.

Chi Activation will give you an energetic top-up, and that will lift your emotional state. Shift your emotional state, and you will shift your thoughts. Shift your thoughts (and emotions), and you will shift your expectations. Shift your expectations, and you will shift your focus. Shift your focus, and you will shift your reality.


At the start of this article, we asked why stuff happens. I’m not claiming we have covered all bases here, but I think it is fair to say that much of what happens to us is a result of the energy (emotions) we broadcast out to the universe. And that is why bad things can happen to good people.

You might donate to charity and help your elderly neighbour across the road, but if you still focus on the wrong things, if you still send out fear-based emotions into the universe, then you will still attract negative situations.

There are a lot of fundamentally nice pessimists out in the world, and their niceness cannot always save them from their pessimism.

So to avoid bad stuff happening to you, to avoid bad ‘karma’, then you need to think better thoughts and feel better emotions.
That will create a different set of expectations, a different point of focus and, as a result, a better set of emotions that the universe can ping back to us in ‘fleshed’-out form.

(Note: Often, seemingly negative things happen to us simply because our Higher Self is trying to help us out of a rut or putting us in difficult situations so we can grow and evolve. No doubt there are a lot of other reasons why seemingly negative things happen beyond this as well, so this article is simply examining a common cause for such things, not trying make a universal argument for all cases!)

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