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Understanding Reiki Healing and Your Options

Melbourne Reiki Healing

It’s no secret that when you’re looking for a healing session, you have a lot of options.
Kinesiology. Shiatsu. Massage. Acupuncture. Chinese medicine. We could go on and on.
But when it comes to powerful and consistently effective healing, it is hard to go by Reiki.
Reiki healing works on all levels: psychological, emotional and physical, and it can help treat both chronic and acute conditions.
  • Increase energy
  • Heal illness
  • Accelerate injury recovery
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Create a state of deep relaxation
  • Dissolve difficult emotions
  • Reduce stress

For legal reasons, Reiki healers can’t make any promises, but the founder of the Chi Activation, Jeremy O’Carroll, has also taught Reiki for 15 years, and in his experience, Reiki healing is excellent for the above issues and more.

In fact, Reiki healing is versatile, so it can even be used to treat animals and plants.

Being relatively simple to learn, you also find that almost all Reiki healers will do a good job (unlike many other modalities where it is more ‘hit and miss’).

Teaching Reiki is, of course, far more complex, and the quality of Reiki courses Melbourne varies dramatically. But you generally won’t go too wrong with Reiki healing – so long as therapists stick to Reiki (something they don’t always do!).

But is Reiki the Best Modality for Me?

As effective as Reiki healing is, it might not be the absolute best healing modality for you.

In fact, for many people looking for a healing session, Chi Activation will be even more powerful.

The founder of the Chi Activation Centre, Jeremy O’Carroll, is also the founder of both the Om Reiki Centre and the Australian Pellowah Centre, so he has a lot of experience both as a healer and teacher of energy systems. He also intimately knows the ins and outs of these healing methods. From his experience, he would say that while for most people Reiki would be the best healing method to learn first (it is simpler and easier to learn), if you are after a healing session, then Chi Activation will typically be even more effective.

Chi Activation is great for balancing energy, recharging parts of the body that are depleted of energy, and it is especially powerful for healing energy blocks.

Since it can access multiple energy frequencies, it tends to be able to give a more precise form of healing.

It is not one cap fits all. Rather, the client receives a unique healing frequency (or multiple healing frequencies) that will work best for their specific issues.


Precision Healing

The majority of conditions (be they physical or emotional) arise due to an energetic imbalance.

Your body’s organs, for instance, will maintain their good health when they stay within a specific vibrational frequency range. When they fall outside of this, then poor health follows.

The same with emotional states. When you are overly anxious, when you can’t find the motivation to do certain things, when you are depressed, you will always find an energetic imbalance somewhere in the body.

To balance this energy, you therefore need a balancing energy.

Think of it like sound cancellation technology.

To neutralize a sound wave (sound!), you need its inverse sound wave (i.e. its exact opposite). If you get it, the two sounds will cancel each other out, just like two people of equal weight will keep a seesaw in perfect balance when placed opposite each other.

So if someone feels anxious and insecure because their energy is all floaty and ungrounded, then they need to receive a grounding energy.

But if they can’t motivate themselves to do anything because their energy is overly grounded and stagnant, they will need a higher vibrational frequency to get them moving.

Unfortunately, if you only have one frequency to play with, then ‘energetic balancing’ will be harder to achieve.

If you can simply select and use the exact best balancing frequency, however, you will have a big advantage over regular forms of healing.


Where Can I Get a Chi Activation Healing Session in Melbourne?

The Chi Activation Centre offers healing sessions in Collingwood. To find out more, write to info@chiactivation.com.au.

Or if you have specific questions or would like to book a Melbourne healing session & Melbourne Reiki courses over the phone, please call Jeremy on 0417 328 457. He can then explain whether Reiki healing or Chi Activation Healing will work best in your specific case.

If you would like to find out more about Melbourne Reiki healing or Melbourne Reiki courses, simply click on the links.

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